Hello, world!

Welcome to my site. Check out the blog and read up about my DIY adventures in audio product design – from research, to breadboarding and prototyping, to testing and listening. Here I will be writing about anything that I really feel like, topics can range from my own search for the perfect sound, theories and thoughts about audio, algorithms, the audio and music industries, but will also focus on my personal experiences.

I created this thing I now call “Carcharias Effects” (is it a business? A brand? A person?) with the help of tons of available material and contributions of the DIY pedal community. So as a way for me to give back, I’ll be putting up layouts and schematics from time to time. Feel free to make anything you find here, but please add a credit to me if you’ve used one of my layouts or circuits. Thanks!

This site also represents the commercial face of Carcharias Effects on the internet, so if you like anything you see and hear, you can purchase one on the online store. I also take orders for custom builds and projects, so feel free to contact me.

I am one guy, and I do this pedal building thing because I am as passionate about building things as I have always been about music. I really hope you enjoy my little corner of the web.

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