About Carcharias Effects

I got my start building pedals one day in 2016 when I began wondering whether it would be easier (lol) and more economical (lolol) for me to make my own vintage-style effects, rather than try to source them locally or on the internet. Leveraging my career as a Product Manager for a tech company, and my academic background in Music and Signal Processing, I just opened my web browser and started reading specifically about the Foxx Tone Machine. It didn’t take long until I started ordering my first set of parts. And when those arrived, I headed straight to my makeshift workshop (the balcony of my apartment) and started soldering away.

In its own way, building pedals has brought me back in touch with old friends and helped me make new ones. To this day, Carcharias Effects has been my way of ensuring that I would always strive to stay in my element, to always move forward, and to passionately pursue whatever it is that I love doing.

Who I Am

My name is Daniel, I’m an American-Israeli living in the Tel Aviv area of Israel. I was raised and educated for the most part in the States, but life somehow found me after college on this side of the globe. I have been a musician for most of my life (guitar, bass, drums, cello, piano, tenor voice, and pretty much try to learn any instrument I can get my hands on), and in general a builder, tinkerer, and programmer as I got older.

Daniel the Maker of Carcharias Effects

The story behind the name Carcharias

Since I was a little kid, I had always been fascinated with sharks, and particularly the great white (Carcharodon carcharias). Great whites had made their way into my dreams before—but one night in 2007, shortly after moving to a foreign country, I had a vivid dream that I was walking along a beach when I came upon a great white shark, helplessly stranded on its back on the shore.

In my dream, I approached the beached leviathan cautiously, reaching out to touch it, overcome with fear at the enormous animal, and marvelling at the thought that had the both of us only been a few meters away from shore, I would have been at the bottom of the food chain—and the shark at the top.

That year, as I struggled with a new language and culture, I came to realize what I had in common with that shark, struggling to breath outside of its natural surroundings. Whereas the shark would have needed to continue swimming in order to survive, all I would have to do to ensure my own survival was to continue doing the thing that I was born to do—music.

Over a decade later, that image of the beached great white shark continues to inspire me to be true to myself, and to keep doing the things that I was born to do.


“Carcharias” is pronounced car-CARRY-us. Rhymes with ‘aquarius’, if that makes it easier. Here’s what the internet has to say about it:


As an environmentalist, I believe that we all have a duty to reduce waste as much as possible. I realize that this sometimes seems to be in direct contradiction to the nature of the pedal-building game, which tends to be a highly wasteful one.

Regardless of this, I have made it my personal pledge to uphold the four R’s—reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle—in my business in as many ways as possible. That means that perfectly good, high-quality components will be salvaged and repurposed if they can. This also means that I will reuse shipping materials like plastic baggies or tissue paper padding to pack my pedals or PCBs when I ship them out to you. The boxes I use for shipping, as well as the packing tape, are all made out of 100% recyclable material. It sometimes might not be glamorous, but, well, the Earth is my priority.

When you receive one of my products in the mail, I ask you to keep the cycle going and do your best to reuse or recycle as much of it as possible.


I offer a variety of services related to pedal builds and design. Contact me and let’s find a solution together!

Custom Projects

Have an itch for a specific sound, or an idea for a cool combo pedal to fit your board? I am happy to build one-offs and custom designs.

Specialty Pedals

I sell ready-made pedal designs of my favorite circuits. Always updating, check the store to see the latest releases available for sale.

Circuit & PCB Design

I provide PCB design services in Eagle CAD, as well as prototyping layouts on vero and perf. Check out the store for available PCBs and the blog for some of my custom layouts.


Unleash the full potential of your old and basic pedals with simple (and not-so-simple) modifications. Choose between internal or external controls.

Green Ringer repair


If you’re local, I gladly lend my services to fixing up that fixer-upper. Rewires, debugs, and tune-ups are all welcome.

Solutions & Utilities

Looking for a custom solution for your pedalboard? Let me help you upgrade your setup with buffers, bypasses, loopers, and other utilities.


Is your pedalboard jumbled, noisy, and unmaintainable? I will whip it into shape through intuitive signal chain organization, accessible placement, custom patch cables, and power supply installation.